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Bespoke model boat interior and decking

Handmade bespoke model boats are our speciality at Scale Model Builders. Our one-off bespoke model boats are lovingly crafted from high quality materials and make spectacular display pieces.

Whilst some customers require a unique scale model replica of the boat they own or have served on, the reasons our customers have for wanting a handmade scale model boat are as varied as the types of model boat they choose.

As such, we have created perfectly scaled model boats for exhibitions, retirement gifts, anniversaries and personal collections covering luxury yachts, cruise liners, ferries and military vessels. Please see our gallery for examples of previous works.

Our handmade bespoke model boats are not only display pieces, depending on the size and type of model required a fully functioning radio controlled version may be an option.

If you would like to have a bespoke model boat created or need any model repairs please contact us and we will be happy to help and discuss your requirements.

Handmade scale model boat
Bespoke model boats
Bespoke model boat interior and decking