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Model boat kit builds

Many customers come to us for our expert model boat kit building service as we have the expertise and the experience to build any kit bought product for you.

Often customers buy model boat kits and then find that whilst they have the enthusiasm to build the model they lack the time, space or even confidence to do so.

Scale Model Builders can help by constructing the model boat kit for you, saving you the time and the effort.

So, whether you have got to a certain stage of a build and cannot get any further or you would like us to create your model boat kit build from scratch for you, please contact us for friendly advice and further information.

Please also contact us if you have any other type of scale model kit or other model builds that you would like us to build for you.

Furthermore, if you have started to build a model kit but have found that something is broken we are happy to perform model repairs for you. To see our model boat kit builds please visit our gallery.